Been Fired?

What is it?

Workers can have their employment terminated with or without cause in Saskatchewan.

What is the standard?

Workers must be provided with written notice when being laid off or terminated. Where no notice is provided, employers must provide pay instead of notice equal to the amount of notice the employee is entitled to. For more information on being terminated with and without cause, visit the ‘Learn more’ page.

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Termination with cause

Just cause for termination generally involves employee misconduct. Employers carry the burden of proof. Employers alleging just cause must be able to prove that employee misconduct was serious enough to justify immediate dismissal. The employer must be able to prove misconduct on an objective standard.

Termination without cause

When laying off or terminating employees, employers can provide pay instead of working notice. The pay instead of notice must be equal to the amount of notice an employee is entitled to.

Pay instead of notice must be paid within 14 days. If a pay day falls within the 14-day period, the employer must provide the employee’s pay on that day.

Pay instead of notice is not required if:

  • The worker has not completed 13 consecutive weeks of employment;
  • The employee quits or retires, or;
  • The employee is dismissed for just cause.

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